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Still Dealing with that Post-baby Belly Pooch?

You're doing ALL the things, eating right, exercising and more to find you still have stubborn low belly thickness. 

It could be because you have what is called a diastasis, ALL woman experience a degree of a diastasis when pregnant; however 66% of us have an injury from it causing the lower belly pooch.


Take the 5 Day Challenge to begin to Learn How to Heal Your Diastasis from the comfort of your own home. 


Kaitlin helps moms like you overcome common postpartum ailments such as the 'belly pooch' & distasis recti with one very simple solution, Join the challenge today to begin healing Momma! 


Sign up for this free 5 day Challenge so you can begin to heal your diastsis recit & eliminate the post baby pooch.

5 Day Core Challenge

I know you're a busy Mom, so to save you some time and effort, I'll send you this FREE 5 day challenge to begin reducing your low belly pooch and healing your diastsis. 

  • Begin to Heal: 

    • Low Back Pain
    • Peeing when you laugh/jump/sneeze
    • Post-baby pooch
    • Deep Core from c-sections
  • Have access too: 

    • Brief Daily Videos to walk you through proper core activation
    • Daily Call to Actions to start healing your pain today
    • Exercises to easily implement into your daily life
  • It's Time to Restore Your Core, Gain Strength & Feel Confident!

    By the end of these 5 days you will understand how exactly to heal the post baby belly pooch, return exercise safely after baby,  stop leaking urine & understand WHY & how to heal it!

"Kaitlin Spano has years of experience helping moms eliminate common pregnancy ailments while helping moms heal their postpartum bodies."

Kaitlin Spano, PPCES

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“these programs are a must have for moms! The exercises are simple, safe, and effective. Kaitlin’s passion for educating moms shines through in her courses. She brings to light information about women’s bodies that can be used during pregnancy and beyond!”---


Yoga Teacher/Mom of 3

"Kaitlin does a great job simplifying and demonstrating how all of our anatomy is connected. I was reminded how important it is to the health of my pelvic floor to have a strong and healthy core. Not only does Kaitlin explain how our core and pelvic floor are connected but  she teaches how to engage those muscles safely during pregnancy and post-partum period. I have experienced some pelvic floor dysfunction and found her focus on breath to be so helpful while healing and strengthening my core and pelvic floor after the birth of my second child."


Mother of 2