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Why Macro Counting is Important

Postnatal Depletion

After you have a baby, you experience a level of postnatal depletion. This can last for YEARS after a baby if you are not taking care to fuel your body. Most moms go on diets to lose baby weight. This leaves you more depleted & further away from your goals. 

Macro Counting aids your body in healing faster.

Eating Enough 

It takes WORK to eat enough to fuel your body. Society has passed the word "LESS IS MORE" for way to many years. 

In order to reach your weight loss goals, one must eat MORE of the right things. Macro counting will help you figure that balance out. 

Balance Hormones

Balancing hormones post baby is a challenge. This all begins with eating whole foods and ENOUGH of the right things. Macro counting is one fantastic way to balance your hormones. 

5 Pillars of Nutrition

There are 5 pillars of nutrition to support your body & hormone balance as a new mom. 

In this ebook you will learn how each of these pillars will support your body as you navigate your role as mother. 


No More Diets!

When you know what your body needs, you no longer have to deprive yourself. 

Maintain Energy

Adequte fuel means no more headaches, grumpies or low afternoon slumps.

Balance Hormones


Balanced Macro's mean balanced hormones. 

Hit Your Goals 

No more questioning or looking for the next best thing. Learn sustainable nutrition practices. 

Confused about Nutrition?

What Customers Say

About Learning to Count Macro's 

"Life with kids is busy, I needed an easy plan, once I understood what my body was lacking, it all made sense! This is the go to plan for any mom with a busy life. "

"Best lifestyle out there for fitness & food with  NO gimmicks- it is based on science! More energy, better sleep, body composition changes, intuitive eating & food freedom! "

Eat More Food, Lose More Weight.

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